Vespa 946

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Only those who have made history can imagine the future.

Since 1946 Vespa has been established as a unique case of style and technology, meeting the demand for freedom of entire generations and pointing the way for the world

where individual mobility is concerned, synonymous with emancipation. For sixty-six years Vespa has incessantly renewed its myth, always evolving its unique concept of form-function.


Today, after having put more than seventeen million vehicles on streets throughout the world, and becoming a legend worldwide, Vespa unveils its future.
It does so by directly referring to its original product, the MP6 prototype, first embryo of the Vespa from which, in the spring of 1946, the world's most famous scooter was born, an Italian and unsurpassed icon of style and creativity.

Distilling the purest essence of those traits which marked forever the aesthetics of individual mobility, forcefully entering our everyday life and enhancing the lines which made ​​it famous, the Pontedera Style Centre projects the Vespa in a new generation in which references and projections, tradition and innovation, seamlessly merge. Once again Vespa is ahead of its time, projecting itself into a future marked by style and technology at the service of a better quality of life.

Vespa 946 is a unique and evocative object which embodies, and exhibits with class, all the values ​​of style and elegance which derive from the nobility of its origin. Vespa 946 expresses the maximum value possible in the scooter world and projects Vespa in the elite of luxury brands.

As always in the history of Vespa the technically distinctive element is the body. A single steel and aluminium component which also has a supporting function, housing and supporting the engine, transmission and all the mechanical parts.
The masterful construction quality and excellent materials used set Vespa 946 apart from any other two-wheeled vehicle in the world. The use of aluminium contributes, as well as to the definition of breathtaking aesthetics, to lighter weight and therefore an increase in energy efficiency, with the result of lower fuel consumption and emissions.

Directly inspired by the Mp6, the first Vespa prototype of 1946, the 946 is a decisive discontinuity with the shapes of the current - and successful - Vespa families. Traditionally divided into “small body” (the current LX and S series) and “large body” (represented by the GTS and GTV) Vespa now sees the birth of an entirely new vehicle which, while making reference to the classical lines, breaks with the constant evolution of the design with a sort of fascinating “back to the future”.

Vespa 946 opens a window to the future in technology as well.
The pulsating heart of the Vespa 946 is an extremely modern engine which reveals the lines of development of engines of the future, characterised by reduced fuel consumption and a dramatic reduction of gaseous and noise emissions.
The single cylinder 125 cc 4 stroke, 3 valve, air cooled engine with electronic injection represents Piaggio Group's state of the art technology in scooter engines.

The engine has been entirely designed, developed and manufactured in Pontedera, in the largest plant of the Piaggio Group, which is one of the most important and advanced research, development and production centres in the engine field worldwide. This engine is born from the challenge that the Piaggio Group has taken on: to provide an increasingly more evolved customer with a product that guarantees performance, reliability and safety while also leading the field in respect for the environment.

To obtain greater performance while reducing fuel consumption and emissions, a scrupulous analysis of reduction of friction and improvement of fluid dynamics was carried out.

The innovative 3-valve timing system which characterises the Vespa 946 engine optimises loading movements in the cylinder in terms of both tumble and swirl, as well as placing the spark plug in an optimal position, improving the efficiency of the combustion process and at the same time ensuring optimum cooling of the internal parts of the head.

Tradition and innovation: body made of sheet steel with aluminium elements: handlebar, saddle support, side panels, front mudguard.

Maximum safety: ABS braking system and ASR electronic traction control. Large 12-inch wheels, dual disc brakes.

Ecology and economy: 125 cc 3V engine, electronic injection, fuel consumption and emission reduction at the top of the category.

Technology and style: LED headlightand indicators, full LCD dashboard.

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